Financial Literacy – The Medium is The Money

The integration of Financial Literacy throughout the curriculum is as ubiquitous as Media Literacy and the two are inter-related. Our students are bombarded with messages from the media, and most of the activities (i.e. social networking through Facebook, internet games) are fuelled by marketing. A quick look at Facebook shows it to be rife with games based on acquisition of goods, and real-world finances meet online games through redeemable coupons. The line between reality and artifice is blurry. Advertising Standards Canada is a great site to introduce truth in advertising and has a student-friendly video to that effect. The Media Awareness Network excels in the area of marketing tips and explains such techniques as: • credibility of information – critical eye • POV/Bias • advertising awareness • emotional/social triggers • social media isolation • brand loyalty • Buzz marketing – cool to be part of chat • commercialization of education They have a downloadable lesson for grades 6-9 on “Online Marketing to Kids” that discusses the similarities and differences between traditional marketing methods and online advertising and why the Internet is such a desirable medium for advertisers to reach young people. Student activities include a survey of the marketing techniques used on several commercial Web sites for children; the creation of a commercial Web site for kids that incorporates common marketing strategies; and an analysis of case studies about online marketing to young people.


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