Footprints in the Cloud

Much has been written over the weekend about evolutions and revolutions aided by internet connections. You can find a synopsis of the Middle East and North Africa here via @dougpete . You can also read Chris Lehmann’s response to a teacher’s unfortunate blog about her students. A google search for Blogs on Wisconsin came up with 173,000,000!

What do all these situations have in common. They are all leveraging the power of social media. Now I know that many school boards, including mine, block Facebook, Youtube and the like. I’m not sure, in light of today’s current events, that it is even a conscionable educational thought, but that is not my point.

Rather, I would address the teachers who only want the best for their students, who work diligently in sometimes trying conditions to nurture creativity and critical thought, but who dismiss the idea of establishing a digital presence out of hand. Said one participant at a recent conference on the 21st Century Learner, “I don’t need to have a Facebook account to know what the  kids are doing”.

I would argue that Yes You Do!  Or a Twitter account, or an RSS feed reader, or a blog… Not only to know what the kids are doing, but what their teachers, their role models, and much of the entire global world is doing? For good or for bad. I know it is new and there is a learning curve, but it is today’s reality, it is not going away, it expands with astonishing speed, and the marketers are marching in.

Never more have our students deserved a guide on the side, a caring navigator in the cloud.

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Moving Day in the Cloud

Moving a blog is not done lightly. For 33 posts my reflections and connections have resided at . Now I rather like that name still, it represents who I am as an educator, thoughtfully listening and gathering information, making connections and letting those understandings lead my journey.

But I have outgrown my little blog. My learning path is collaborative in nature and many of my connections and key understandings happen during the workshops and presentations that I am privileged to facilitate. This summer I will be collaborating on three different such professional gatherings and I need a place to house links and information for participants.

So I’ve moved to a new address, bringing with me that what I value, and excitedly starting to set up my new house in the clouds.

BTW the header is the beautiful water gardens at Kew in London, taken with an RCA flip. Love the idea of the connected network here. #cck11 Looking through the lilies you can see the reflection of the ceiling of the conservatory and the clouds above.

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