The Works

Presentations and Workshops:

Digital Classworks – Harness digital tools to develop critical inquiry. Feel confident to harvest, organize and use online resources. Collaborate and participate openly in the Digital Classroom. Make practical connections to the curriculum, including the new Financial Literacy integration initiatives.

Cloudworks – What is the cloud? How can you leverage the power of online applications and collaborations?

Mediaworks – Cyberbullying, FB, Twitter, online marketing aimed at children, media constructions –  come demystify Media Literacy and gain confidence with the cloud.

Moneywork$ – Collaborate with like-minded colleagues in online resources to embed Financial Literacy, marketing, and a critical buying eye in the Age of the Cloud.

Bitstrips and Beyond – The Little App That Could – harness the power of graphic language as a tool for critical thought and social responsibility.

OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century – Feb, 2011

Drilling Down Digitally – Digital Media and the Curriculum – The Medium IS the Message.Understand how using Digital Media in the classroom reaches all learners, differentiates for learning styles and allows for different demonstrations of understanding.

Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (


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